By sustainable fishing we mean the strategy that encompasses a whole series of practices aimed at keeping the population of marine species at optimum levels. This guarantees the survival of the species and respecting their habitat. For example, using fishing techniques that do not have a negative impact on the other settlers of the ecosystem. Other actions are to review the status of populations of more commercial species and to project an acceptable catch by jurisdictions.

Corporate health: our company is responsible for ensuring the health of our workers. Conducting a series of analytics a year in which we get a follow-up of each employee.

Rest: There are spaces for breaks with facilities created for this purpose. In which stand out among others a zone WIFI and vending machines.

High Projects: Challenges and new opportunities are the best means to motivate workers.

Corporate Learning: Provide courses and training to the work team to improve efficiency in their corresponding position.

The blue ecolabel or MSC certification is a certification accredited by the MSC.The Marine Stewardship Council is an independent non-profit global organization that sets a standard for sustainable fisheries, managing a certification and ecolabelling program for wild fisheries.

The MSC's blue eco-label offers the consumer the option of easily supporting sustainable fisheries practices. With our MSC label in the process of being obtained, we are committed to the following principles:

  • We buy from suppliers that are also certified with MSC.
  • Certified products are completely separate from those that are not. No crossflow.
  • These products have a traceability system throughout the chain of custody.
  • We have a management system that requires our staff to be trained to ensure compliance with all requirements.