Who we are

Pescacial S.L.Is founded by the Grau family, began its activity in the late 50's with the capture and commercialization of eel and elver of the Guadalquivir low, becoming one of the references of the sector.

In that growth, they became responsible for introducing the American crawfish (procambarus clarkii) as a zoo-genetic resource in 1974. Today, this industry constitutes one of the economic engines of the natural environment of Doñana and Guadalquivir.

Nowadays Pescacial is one of the companies referring to national and international level in eel and crayfish. It has a business complex capable of completing the chain from capture to delivery as a final product in different formats, with the highest sanitary and quality guarantees.


  • Doñana is a protected natural area, located in Andalusia, which has 108,086 hectares. It comprises both the Doñana National Park (created in 1969) and the Doñana Natural Park.

    Its great extension of marshes welcomes during the winter to numerous species of water birds, that usually reach the 200,000 individuals each year. Due to its privileged geographical situation between two continents and its proximity to the meeting place of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar, in Doñana can be observed more than 300 different species of birds per year, being place of passage, breeding and Wintering for thousands of them (aquatic and terrestrial). Here aquatic birds rest of all Western Europe, being located infinity of species in the marshes and environs from Africa and Europe.

    With different scientific institutions in its interior that watch for an adequate development of the bordering regions and the conservation of some very delicate species that inhabit in it, is considered the greater ecological reserve of Europe. It was declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the Unesco in 1994.